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How You Can Maximize Your Restoration with Interior Design Flair

On the latest podcast, Habitation's Greg and Carl talk to Kirsten Meehan and Lindsey Uselding of Ungerman Restoration about interior design, Willy Wonka, remodeling, American Muscle and more while sipping on French 76 cocktails for Drink in the Style.

Here is an excerpt from the transcript.

Lindsey: YWe have, uh, a team of 65 people. And so we've got painters. We've got carpenters, we've got plumbers. We've got all the water technicians, the fire technicians and like the resources to be able to take your job. So, any emergency from start to finish... when I say start that's like, holy crap. There's water coming down my ceiling. I don't know what to do to, oh, this beautiful look at these throw pillows. Yeah.

Greg: <laugh> Do you have any idea how much these throw pillows cost?

Kirsten: Oh my gosh. Yeah. That's, what's really, it is really unique. And we also, you know, we don't have professional interior design, but we have seen everything and we are trained to put you back together with your style because that's what insurance pays for. And then if you wanna change things up or, you know, upgrade things, we do that all the time. So we can, you know, wiggle our little design stuff into it.

Greg: All right. So God, you teed that up. So beautiful. Hey, let's talk about Habitation Furnishing working with Ungermen. I mean, it's true. I mean, people, alright, you have a disaster. They may or may not have had a designer. And by the way, in case you have hired an interior designer and you have a disaster, and there are design fees, if you can still document them they are covered under insurance, which no one really knows.

Lindsey: Super true. Yep.

Greg: Right. Yep. So, but now when you have clients who are coming in and they need interior design help, you're going to send them to...

Kirsten & Lindsey: Habitation!

Greg: Which is a great chance for Carl to talk about the delightful ability of Habitation to create an awesome space, hit a Carl.

Carl: Well, obviously, as you know, Habitation is very fun to work with, which is what the design process should be. It should not be tedious. It should not be boring. It should not be stressful. It should be fun. You're creating a new space for your new home. And that's what it's all about.

Greg: It is. And as far as I, you guys go, I mean, seriously, we've talked about it in earlier in the program. You're dealing with folks that are in crisis. I mean, it is crisis. It sounds like, you know, that's an exaggeration, but it is, and you lose everything and, you know, photos and now ornaments, which suddenly I'm worried about.

Kirsten: I know. Well, and the craziest thing is when you have an insurance loss, you're not prepared for a remodel. So, I just wanna tell everybody out there, if this disaster does happen to you, and you haven't budgeted for your kitchen remodel, you haven't budgeted for all new flooring. You haven't prepared for all these selections you have to make, but there are people out there like Lindsay and I like Habitation, who can help you through the process.

Greg: Which is fabulous. And we're really excited about working with folks and, and kind of helping them restore. And I'm not gonna lie, kind of maybe improve their environment. You might as well get something out of it.

Lindsey: Mm-hmm. We talk a lot about silver linings. There's a reason why this happened. We can help you through the process emotionally and put you back together with something you would only have dreamed of having.

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