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Soy Sienna Candles Are the Perfect Addition to Peace-ify Your Loft Space

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

My loft space at home is my retreat. It serves as my office, cozy-up-by-the-fire space, board game area, studio for art, and place to store all my interior design, architecture, cooking, and running books. It's where I spend most of my time. My Boyfriend and I started renovating my office in August of 2022 and were so close to the finishing line. We were finally up to the point of picking decor for the shelves this past November.

I had a few personal pieces and photos, but Christmas was approaching, and I was excited to get some festive holiday decor. I needed some thrifty/antique pieces to polish off the space. Since moving to our townhome in 2020, I have thought of stockings lining a new mantle and a mix of old and new elements.

I initially met Sienna Pesta, the owner of Soy Sienna, at a local craft fair at Tattersall in River Fall, WI, in November 2022. An antique brass deer bowl with a lovely pine scent caught my eye. It was just what I had been looking for to help accessorize my newly renovated home office.

A mantle with a deer skull hung on the wall and a chalice with deer heads on them that's been made into a candle.
Brass deer candle on my mantle.

I chatted with Sienna briefly about her products. She finds antiques and transforms them into non-toxic hand-poured candles made from Minnesota beeswax, Midwest soy wax, pure essential oils, and organic wicks. What a perfect sustainable option for interior design accessories in 2023! I knew we would have to meet up again because I needed to learn more. I felt compelled to share her beautiful creations with my clients, friends, and family.

Metal pouring vessels and wax for making candles.
Sienna uses all-natural materials to create her candles, including up-cycled chalices, vases and more.

Over dark roasted brews, we finally met again at FRGMNT Coffee on Valentine's Day. Pleasantries gave way to a deeper conversation about natural candles and the uniqueness of Soy Sienna. We chatted about the importance of ambiance in our homes and how candles are unmatched in their ability to elevate an environment, set a mood, and stimulate the senses, specifically sight, sound, and smell. Is there anything more romantic than a candle-lit dinner?

We unanimously determined there wasn't.

That's why Sienna and I had decided on homemade meals for Valentine's Day accented with candlelight. We were looking forward to them later that evening. My Soy Sienna candle added the finishing touches for my Valentine's Day dinner. It never got overwhelming but instead stayed subtle and added the perfect glow throughout the meal, conversation, and drinks.

Exploring a home-cooked meal for Valentine's Day next year? A refresh of your space and a Soy Sienna candle could start a wonderful yearly tradition. After all, if you design your spaces carefully, why should you ever want to leave them?

I'm sure you can imagine a candle like the one below adding that soft romantic touch to the evening.

Soy Sienna candles are just what I was looking for to invigorate my designs this year. I love the contrast between the old and the new. The products are also healthy alternatives to store-bought candles that often give me headaches.

As our drinks raced to the bottom of our cups at FRGMNT Coffee, we discussed who Sienna is, what she does, and how she got started. We talked about her hopes for the future and where her business may go.

It's great when you find a business that produces products you love in a way that aligns with your values. It's even better when you find out that the people behind the company are humble and kind, and their products have a story.

At her day job, where she is the Associate Director of Social Care Strategy, Sienna helps support people in creating healthier lifestyles in creative, non-traditional ways, and I can feel her enthusiasm. Her passion for helping others shines through whatever she does, and she creates a positive gravity that is hard to escape. I genuinely feel her candle-making extends that love of assisting others in developing a healthy lifestyle. You can't help but get pulled into her vision for a more sustainable future.

Sienna searches for antiques at local and faraway places all over the world. They ebb and flow in their design style, but typically she pours her candles into natural materials such as brass, glass, stone, marble, or wood. Using natural and local ingredients that don't cut corners, Sienna creates products that make you feel confident that your air quality isn't being compromised.

She can also pour candles into pieces you have lying around!

Do you have a family antique that's been passed down through the generations? Sienna can quickly help you breathe new life into the item by making it into a candle.

White candle that's been poured into a metal cup.
Another example of Sienna's lovely work!

The candles can be as custom as you'd like, with revolving and evolving scents throughout the seasons. Hand-typed words or a favorite poem can be added on hand-made paper for more customization and thoughtfulness for that special someone. Once the candle has been used, she can refill it with the same scent, or you can try a new one! This sustainable option extends the life of your thrifty finds and accessories, and the organic materials check all the interior design boxes for trendy sustainable design in 2023.

Sienna started pouring her candles for herself, her family, and her friends.

Loved ones who received these early pieces began to inquire about buying some for gifting themselves, and from there, Soy Sienna was born. She sells her products online and at local craft fairs. In the past, she's also paired with an artist out of Chicago (Steff Jo Designs) to do limited-edition Holiday pours.

Here at Habitation, we love this level of creativity, and we're already thinking of ways to get some fun, one-of-a-kind pieces out in the world through collaborations. That's why we've decided to offer our space to you for a private candle-pouring event!

You can book the event on Sienna's website if you're looking for a unique group activity. Sienna brings all the supplies needed to do a pouring party of your own! Whether you're looking for a fun bridal shower idea, work icebreaker, or team-building event, The District Edina would love to host your candle-making session with Soy Sienna this year! You can book on Soy Sienna's website and add The District Edina to the location. Please confirm with us at The District to ensure the event space is open.

A big wooden bar with chairs in front of black cabinets and fridge.
The District's Lounge

In the meantime, check out Sienna's website! There's some excellent information about the importance of indoor air quality, how to choose a healthy candle (or maybe adopt one of her beautiful pieces just to be safe), and lots of tips and tricks for burning your candles at home. We look forward to working with Soy Sienna in the future and can't wait to highlight some of her pieces in future projects. Stay tuned for some highlights and collaborations!

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